Blogger, what are you looking for?

There are so many goals or reasons why do blogger make the blog. First time I make my blog, I wanna just share and heard some one else in internet. I was interested to some blog site that have nice design and interesting post. Other hand, I like blog just because I do like design and make website. In blog, it does not really need high IT skill like programming, and web design abilities. Everything is ready taken in template. In first blog, and second I write blog for my son, It was a simple blog. I just want to share and write my experiences and anything else. Maybe there are many bloggers have similar type with me. But, what about you?

I like so much for the last reason. Because you are a blogger. Nothing to do with blog more. Just because you are a blogger, so keep blogging. Keep read, hear, share, write and comment. Make some earn money? Wanna get a high Page Rank? Get so many backlinks?
It will be nothing if you are not a blogger. Be a real blogger, we will get anything what we want, then. Do not care about money or traffic..My blog is still PR Null, who care about it?I don’t care. What I care is just, what will do, if I loss my spirit in blogging.

Last statement, keep blogging whatever you wanna be.


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