Alternative Energy and New Fertilizer from N-Viro Technologies

Talking about waste to energy, we have found a new way how to mix the municipal bio solids with specific alkaline waste products. The N-Viro Technologies have created it from coal combustion electric generation, cement and lime industries. The organic waste will be stabilized through pasteurization and complete disinfection. Bio solid now more valuable, because it contains valuable organic matter, plant nutrients and biological activities. Many farming industries in recent decade have used biosolids for supplementing the commercial fertilizers. And for next time, it will helps the agriculture world in order to reach the market value without loss their needs in quality fertilizers. 
Maybe you should know who the N-Viro Technologies are. N-Viro or N-Viro International Corporation that symbolized with NVIC is one company that develops and licenses its technology to municipalities and private companies. They have a main operation base on contract with City of Toledo. They also make the N-Viro soil processing with clean coal  technology there. Today they acquired the Volusia County facility located at Florida. And from the central Florida area, they have processed municipal bio solids into N-Viro Soil. 
For next plan, N-Viro will create the N-Viro opportunity fuel which is a renewable fuel with their N-Viro Fuel technology. It made us more opportunity to get accomplished our green planet program. Yes, every one in this planet dream the renewable energy or alternative energy. And N-Viro has created it with a perfectly synergistic with coal combustion industry. For understanding more about N-Viro program, better for you to watch their video to us or visit their website at 

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